Retain quality

It is critical to prioritize the teacher shortage crisis.  Worsening working conditions contributed to over 100 instructional vacancies at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.  We must reward our employees with competitive wages, reduce class size, address concerns about student discipline, and limit punitive evaluations.  Engaging in respectful negotiations will ensure retention of the third most experienced workforce in Florida and enhance competitiveness with surrounding counties.  Securing our learning environments with law enforcement professionals, equipped with proven security strategies and technologies allows our educators to continue to be the guardians of academic and personal success.

Construct a talent pipeline

With the influx of private companies such as SpaceX, the United Space Alliance and Blue Origin, the Space Coast continues to expand as a bustling center for aviation, aerospace engineering, computer technology, and cutting-edge manufacturing industries. Our public schools must ensure our students a pathway to these high-tech, often higher paying jobs by providing the STEAM program that integrates team and inquiry based learning, linking Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Art, propelling our students to 21st Century careers. Universally improving access to technology in the classroom, expanding hands-on learning opportunities, and fostering apprenticeships with local businesses affords our students the opportunity to be successful in a competitive workforce.

Rebuild trust

Rebuild trust through transparency and accountability of our taxpayer money.  Responsible management of our schools benefits our community by increasing home values, generating business development, and retaining a skilled workforce.  Taxpayers deserve a representative who isn’t afraid to question if priorities in the nearly $1 billion budget support initiatives to improve the quality of our public education.  Taxpayers deserve a School Board member who communicates regularly with our State and Federal representatives to keep abreast of the bills that will affect our goal “To Serve Every Student With Excellence As the Standard”.