Jennifer’s Plan

Be equipped


Strengthening the relationship between public schools and the private sector, invites community experts to the table. Let’s identify critical gaps in the talent pipeline and the best way to fund solutions that scale and drive measurable results.


We cannot attract and retain the best talent when we rank 30th in the state for average teacher salary, $2,170 below the state average. Let’s reduce turnover spending and vacancies by 10% and design a roadmap that ensures equitable pay.


Our state ranks 45th in per pupil spending, starving our kids of resources. Let’s identify core resource gaps – textbooks and laptops as an example – and give our kids a chance to compete in the global job market.

Be engaged


Let’s explore untapped opportunities within the private sector. It’s time to get fully informed on existing volunteer incentive programs, impact fees, grant and sponsorship deadlines, and community events. Let’s work together to fill critical funding gaps in 2021 to pave a path towards equitable opportunities across our county.


The biggest threat to our educators is demoralization. Rates of secondary trauma stress (anxiety, depression, fatigue) are continuing to rise. Deteriorating workplace conditions have led to a perpetual hiring crisis. I am deeply committed to working with teachers to develop practical solutions to increase teacher retention by 10% in 2021.


What would happen if we tasked our young people with solving our biggest challenges? Our multi-year path to economic vitality includes a cross-county, STEAM mentorship programs and a micro-grant program for youth. Attracting and retaining talent means inviting them to play an active, participatory role in building a better community.

Be accountable


Our goal is to collect as many untapped community-based solutions as possible now to Oct 25th.


Jennifer will publish a roadmap toward economic vitality. This roadmap will be revised based on community input and the district’s progress.


Our multi-year path to economic vitality will need the support of a critical mass of people. This is why I will lead an online, public forum on the first Thursday of each month at 5PM ET. Each forum will feature a guest that plays a key role in the talent pipeline conversation. As part of each session, each guest will be asked (a) what’s working (b) what needs work (c) what three ways can we help to scale our success?